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Bistrița - Năsăud Museum Complex, a cultural heritage site which is representative for the county is located in the former Habsburg barracks built in the late nineteenth century, at no. 19 Grigore Balan Street in the city of Bistrita and was inaugurated in 1987, while the department of natural history, subject to the project, was established in 1955.

The purpose of this project is to make a better use of the existing cultural heritage, to reinforce the status of the museum as an important landmark in cultural and heritage tourism, to regenerate its image by means of innovative solutions taken from international experience and to further integrate and adapt it according to the specific features of the County Museum through some measures aimed at modernizing and equipping the site. The museum is to become a magnet for local people and tourists.



Bistriţa-Năsăud Museum Complex Bistriţa
Str. Gen. Grigore Balan no. 19
Phone: 0263.211.063
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The total value of the project approved through the financing agreement is lei 6,493,998, equivalent to Euro 1,469,064.13.

Scheme Operator undertakes to grant a maximum non-refundable financing amounting to Lei 6,493,998, the equivalent of Euro 1,469,064.13, corresponding to a 100% funding rate, representing the non-refundable eligible amount of the project, out of which lei 5,246,156.65 corresponds to 85% financing rate representing the non-refundable financing eligible amount of EEA Grant and lei 974,099.70 corresponds to 15% financing rate representing the non-refundable eligible amount from national co-financing.